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Women in Media

4 Steps to Successful Mobile Media Marketing | WMI

Just one week after eMarketer dubbed 2015 as “The Year of Mobile” the Mobile Marketing Association kicked off their 2015 Forum in New York. With...
By Liz OShaughnessy
Women in Media

Empower Me: How to Market to Women | WMI

After decades of advertising that relied on perpetuating stereotypes, marketers are finally tapping into what women really want to hear – messages...
By Ann D'Adamo
Women in Media

How to Market to Women & Win the Female Consumer | WMI

By Kerri Krom, Women's Marketing Research Director & Ann D'Adamo, Senior Marketing Manager Say what you mean, and mean what you say. That proverb is...
By Kerri Krom
Women in Media

What Media Are Female Millennials Consuming? | WMI

We know women. It’s our mantra. We understand what she’s looking for, what media she consumes and why she consumes it. In general, Millennials...
By Julie Wolvek

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