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Our Insights community


glimmerlogo-v2.jpgGlimmer is the Women’s Marketing proprietary insights community, developed to activate and illuminate on behalf of our partner brands. Our community members are grassroots influencers who love to share their opinions and thoughts, fueling first-party qualitative insights in real time, from real women. We’re in an ongoing conversation with this community, sparking discussions, engagement, and generating brand advocacy by a connected group of women who are highly influential within their own communities.

What we hear from our community is their truth; an unvarnished opinion about what moves them…and what doesn’t.

Glimmer sheds light on and helps us solve client business challenges through:

  • Custom research and consumer insights
  • Activations and Promotions, including driving trial, in-store traffic, secret shopping missions, and e-commerce reviews
  • Glimmer discussions and verbatims
  • Creative testing, including mood boards, packaging, and brand asset assessment
  • Focus groups segmented by demographics, retail and product preferences, and affinities
  • Authentic content creation and social sharing
  • Product trial and feedback studies

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