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Guided by Culture, Connected to Consumers (Always): Stella Rising’s Key Shoptalk Takeaways

Our time at Shoptalk last month was packed with new insights as well as confirmation of trends we’ve been observing here at Stella. AI was...
By Marjorie Powers

TikTok Shop: Will Shoppable Media Spark Brand Growth?

Averaging 1B active users each month, TikTok continues to take the social media landscape by storm—even as the government fight to ban the app has...
By Maddie Beebe
Health & Wellness

Infographic | The New Era of Weight Management

How are consumers thinking about weight loss amidst the latest, potentially revolutionary innovations? An overwhelming 88% are either considering...
By Elizabeth McHugh

With Meta, Creative is the New Targeting

The year is 2018: Facebook was actually called Facebook, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot, Avengers dominated the box-office, “TikTok”...
By Andrew Halfman

Google Chrome Cookie Deprecation: Mitigating Conversion Loss for Google Ads

Google Chrome Cookie Deprecation: Three Strategies to Mitigate Conversion Loss for Google Ads Cookie deprecation, long expected, is finally...
By Jessica Ortiz
Food & Beverage

Infographic | The Growing Snack Attack

In this infographic, we peel back the wrapper on what’s happening in the U.S. snack market. While there is plenty of room for innovation,...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Navigating Retail Media: the Top Seven Platforms to Drive Brand Demand

Retail media is full of buzz and growing fast; it’s expected to grow nearly 30% in 2024 to reach $60M in omnichannel retail media spend this year....
By Katie Michowski

Proving It Out: How Upper Funnel Tactics Boost Search ROI

At Stella Rising, we constantly turn to data science to measure the impact of upper funnel tactics such as video. Our media plans are backed by...
By Zafreen Zerilli
Social Media

Real Talk on BeReal

In a digital landscape saturated with curated content and filtered narratives, BeReal's recent decision to welcome brands onto its platform marks...
By Sarah Stang & Andrew Halfman

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