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Ecommerce Lessons from Q4: The Pandemic, the Election, and Dramatic Growth

Last year’s colossal brick and mortar sales declines are well known: businesses were forced to pivot to a heavy ecommerce strategy, sparking new...
By Anastasia Sorokina

Introduction to YouTube Advertising: What to Expect and Plan for

The new numbers around YouTube—sparked by an increase in watch time during the pandemic—are notable for brands looking to drive a stronger digital...
By Brennan Dzierzek

How Beauty Brands are Winning with Google: Event Insights

At Stella Rising, our strong relationship with Google helps clients win with platform opportunities and best-in-class practices. This week, Stella...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Why CTR Matters for SEO (and How to Perform an SEO CTR Audit)

Ever wonder why you're not getting enough traffic to your site, even though you're ranking for key terms? If you're not actively auditing your CTR...
By John Morabito

Flying Point Digital Announces New Taco-Driven Marketing Initiative

NEW YORK, April 1, 2016 / -- Flying Point Digital, a performance-based digital marketing agency owned by Women's Marketing, announced today they will...
By Jared Cohen

Troubleshooting Google Analytics: 5 Common Tracking and Attribution Mistakes

Google Analytics is a tremendously popular, widely loved analytics platform used by small and large companies alike. While ample information exists...
By Lily Ray

How Will Google's Removal of Sidebar Ads Affect PPC Strategy?

Written by Utsav Panchal and Matt Strietelmeier
By Utsav Panchal

What Impact Will RankBrain Have on SEO Strategy?

Search marketers were all abuzz over Google’s announcement of RankBrain, the latest update to its search algorithm. In an interview with Bloomberg,...
By Elizabeth Choi

With Alphabet, Google Spells Out the Future of SEO

When Google founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page announced yesterday that they were restructuring Google’s operations by making it a subsidiary of a...
By Boris Zilberman

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