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Social Media

Collaborative Paid Search & Social: Maximizing the Two Together

All too often there is a disconnect between paid search and paid social efforts. This is problematic—paid search and paid social go together like...
By Andrew Halfman and Danielle Martinez
Paid Search

The Bot Wars and Why It’s (Really) Time to Level Up Your Brand’s Bing Advertising

ChatGPT, the first AI chatbot accessible to the public, shocks and amazes its users by answering a wide range of questions using natural language...
By Jessica Ortiz & Bjorn Hansen

Ecommerce Lessons from Q4: The Pandemic, the Election, and Dramatic Growth

Last year’s colossal brick and mortar sales declines are well known: businesses were forced to pivot to a heavy ecommerce strategy, sparking new...
By Anastasia Sorokina

Introduction to YouTube Advertising: What to Expect and Plan for

The new numbers around YouTube—sparked by an increase in watch time during the pandemic—are notable for brands looking to drive a stronger digital...
By Brennan Dzierzek

How Beauty Brands are Winning with Google: Event Insights

At Stella Rising, our strong relationship with Google helps clients win with platform opportunities and best-in-class practices. This week, Stella...
By Elizabeth McHugh

2020 Search Engine Marketing Trends to Consider

At Stella Rising, I direct the search engine marketing and PPC initiatives for four of our top brands, a role that demands non-stop learning on my...
By Anastasia Sorokina

Infographic: Google Retail Summit Recap

At the beginning of 2019, our Director of SEM resolved to work smarter, with strong strategies that integrate with Google Smart Shopping Campaigns....
By Anastasia Sorokina

Paid Search Strategy: A Smart Resolution for 2019

Advancements in machine-learning and AI capabilities can sometimes cause anxiety among marketers and brands who fear a lack of control. Cate French,...
By Cate French
Paid Search

Bing Standard Text Ads: The End is Near

With the introduction of expanded text ads (ETAs) last year, and the performance increase advertisers are seeing as a result of the upgraded ad...
By Jessica Ortiz

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