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Stella Community


Better tomorrow.

We believe in doing our best today while remembering that tomorrow can always be better. We are committed to better practices that allow us to dream, be creative, and inspire leadership and personal growth. Questioning is encouraged! We explore the questions, find answers, and build camaraderie through Learning Thursdays, team summits, and company missions.


Better for others.

Helping others is a Stella core value, at the very heart of what we do.

As an agency, we give 1% of our net profit back to others.

We encourage all Stellas to find purposeful ways to give back and live that value by providing paid time off for volunteering. Pitch for Charity is one of many internal efforts that lets Stellas win company dollars to support their personal charities. As Robert Ingersoll said, we believe that “we rise by lifting others.”

Feeding America

Children's Aid

World Central Kitchen

St. Jude

Operation Hope

Dress for Success

Alexs Lemondae


Better together.

No Two Stars Are Alike. At Stella, we are passionate about creating a culture of inclusivity and equity that celebrates the diverse backgrounds of our employees.

We believe teams do their best work when they feel empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. We believe broader perspectives build better, more collaborative teams, which is why we set a plate for every Stella at the table and give opportunity for each voice to be heard.

We embrace what may not be familiar to us and we are not afraid to change and grow in order to create a diverse and inclusive culture. And as the world changes and evolves, we pledge to do the work necessary to maintain a strong, supportive workplace for all.