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Strategy for Amazon

With Stella’s insights-led focus on consumer behavior, we anticipated the importance of the marketplace environment, Amazon in particular, for our clients. As the first agency ever to have a case study on Amazon, Stella Rising has maintained that leadership position through our highly effective end-to-end approach, led by experts. Fast, flexible, and backed by an award-winning search team, Stella Rising is able to harness the incredible power of Amazon on behalf of our clients, independently or as part of a powerful ecommerce strategy.

Our Amazon team consists of “insiders”—former Amazonians as well as brand-side and third-party experts—who understand the platform intimately. We combine that expertise with strong relationships at Amazon—rare within the agency world—for a specialized approach with proven results:

Our Amazon clients have seen double digit YoY growth after engaging with us.

50%: the average YoY increase in Amazon ad attributed revenue we drive after taking over an Amazon advertising account. 

Experts across category—and with a particular passion for beauty, health, and wellness—we believe in our brands and work relentlessly so they can excel on the platform.

How is your brand competing on Amazon? We can tell you.
As Amazon data can be difficult to garner, we are excited to be able to collect and share category and competitor data using proprietary technology. Our Stella Scorecard:
Analyzes the trends and top search terms within your category on Amazon
Answers how you stack up against the competition
Uncovers opportunities to increase share of voice
Assesses your Amazon Advertising efficiency and advises on how to maximize returns, given the right data
This powerful audit will grade your brand in each area, ultimately providing a Stella Score: a clear roadmap for how to grow and what to focus on, so that your brand can shine on the platform.
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How to Win on Amazon 

A Stella Rising Q&A 

Q: What should brands be mindful of when considering launching on Amazon?

It has never been easier to launch a brand on Amazon, but it has never been harder to succeed.

Q: How important is leveraging data to execute a successful ecommerce strategy for brands?

Data is at the root of all of our decisions. Whether you are a seller or a vendor, we analyze the data of past and current performance to understand what is working, what is not, and ways to improve your business. Between Brand Analytics, Business Reports, and a myriad of third- party tools, we have the data at our fingertips necessary to drive success.

Q: What is one thing Stella Rising recommends Amazon brands work on?

On Amazon content is key. Invest in high-quality images, video, and infographics. Build engaging A+ Content and an informative brand store, as your foundation. Once the pages have been set up for success, a strategic Advertising approach is the lever that will accelerate the business.

However, the work you do off-Amazon is just as important. One thing we stress to our clients constantly is that Amazon does not function in a vacuum. It is imperative to build the brand holistically. The brand’s paid advertising, Social Media, PR efforts, creative, etc. must work in tandem to tell one holistic story, across their DTC (Direct to Consumer) website, Amazon, and other retailers.

From Stella Rising’s proprietary research community known as Glimmer, we find that over 83% of consumers are omnichannel. They can discover a beauty product on social media, purchase on Amazon, or buy a fragrance in-store, smell it in person, and then replenish on Amazon. Consumers are not only using Amazon as a retailer but also as a research platform. They might discover off-Amazon, turn to Amazon to read its reviews and content, and still purchase off-Amazon. The consumer’s path to purchase is multi-faceted, they are discovering through different channels every step of the way. Ultimately, a brand must build their story in a 360 degree way, and decide what role Amazon plays.

Q: How does Stella Rising help brands with their Amazon advertising?

Having a great product on Amazon is not good enough unless we get it out in front of the consumer. Amazon is a search-heavy platform, over 75% of consumers shop through search, therefore Amazon Advertising is a crucial investment for every brand. Oftentimes, brands start with Sponsored Ads (Amazon’s pay-per-click search advertising).

When we build a brand’s Advertising strategy, we aim to reach users at each stage of the path to purchase by incorporating all campaign targeting types. We allocate budgets at the campaign level, and create a keyword-rich build, utilizing the largest database of Amazon shopper search trends. We segment out upper-funnel (non-brand) campaigns, and lower-funnel (brand) campaigns. Also, add on ASIN-level, category and competitor targeting, working within the set budget. We discuss a brand’s revenue and ROAS goals, providing in-depth bi-weekly reporting to support those goals.

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Amazon content is one of the strongest opportunities to drive conversion.

Prior to working with Stella Rising, 86% of titles were below the optimized character count. Our client ASINs saw a 186% increase in rank post-optimizations.
(A+ Content, Brand Store)
Prior to working with Stella Rising, 89% of brands were missing A+ content on their full catalog.

Our Work


Drove 66% YoY growth in topline revenue.


Drove 114% increase in topline revenue growth.


Comprehensive Amazon strategy led to exceeding set revenue goal by 10%. 


We surpassed our topline revenue goal by +95% and our stretch goal by +30%.



"They truly are experts."-Kristen Brendle, Manger of Sales North America





Drove 50% topline growth in the Premium Beauty category over two years, driven by strategic Sponsored Ads and DSP tactics.

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