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Analytics + Consulting

Data-Backed Marketing Decisions

Our strategy and planning process is driven by data and measured by intelligent analytics that focus on measurable results, business planning, and goal setting. Our stellar analytics team has built proprietary resources including Spark Response Curves Tool for forecasting and optimizing and Halo, our budgeting and planning tool. Stella’s data visualization and modeling capabilities allow clients to easily understand what is working and lets our team adjust and adapt in real time.

Our business intelligence solutions use an insights framework approach to assess opportunities for both buy- and sell-side M&A transactions. We incorporate social listening and syndicated data, as well as custom research using our Glimmer consumer insights community, on behalf of our clients as well as the broader financial marketplace.

Analytics + Intelligence offerings include:


Data-fueled process for media channel allocation, optimal investment, and flighting recommendations


Measure, simulate, and optimize business performance via advanced analytics and media response curves

Market Mix Modeling

Advanced analytics technique that breaks KPI (typically sales) by its drivers

Nested Digital Attribution Modeling

Combination modeling method not impacted by iOS updates and signal loss; analyzes digital touchpoints

Match Market Incrementality Testing

Control/Exposed market testing; determines overall media contribution, ROI, and incrementality against a KPI

Brand Health Measurement

Brand health tracking; captures key metrics like awareness and purchase intent

Dashboards/Data Visualization

Interactive, real-time dashboard; includes cross-channel media performance against benchmarks

Customer Segmentation

Media consumption, behavior, attitude, and brand affinity insights

The Engine


Halo’s channel budget allocation is fueled by brand communication goals and target consumption behavior. Spark measures business performance and fuels media response curves.

The two work together: Spark results are ingested into Halo for future planning.

What our marketing analytics solutions can measure:

  • Online site metrics such as sales,
    leads, submissions, and more
  • Traffic—both online and offline
  • Brand health metrics such as aided and
    unaided awareness and purchase intent
  • Profitability metrics
  • Offline metrics
  • In-store sales

Stella Rising is a data-driven marketing agency that creates
transformative business value for superstar brands.

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