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Infographic | Gen X: Generation Squeezed

Gen Xers are an interesting group to watch in today’s economic environment. While inflation has moderated, Gen Xers are a generation known for...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Proving It Out: How Upper Funnel Tactics Boost Search ROI

At Stella Rising, we constantly turn to data science to measure the impact of upper funnel tactics such as video. Our media plans are backed by...
By Zafreen Zerilli

Infographic | Feeling Behind: The Gen Z Update 2023

In our 2022 Gen Z report we wrote, “Like all of us, Gen Z wants to feel good about themselves, their purchases, and their actions. Brands can help...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Navigating the New Digital: How to Win When DTC is Expensive and the Cookiepocalypse Looms

A conversation with Anthony Vespucci, EVP Client Strategy, and Amanda Zajac, SVP Client Strategy Between platform restrictions, cookie...
By Anthony Vespucci & Amanda Zajac

Opening Pandora's Bot

The chances are that you’ve heard about ChatGPT, the general-purpose chatbot prototype that has taken the world by storm over the last few months....
By Brandon Heagle

2022 Holiday Spending Trends

As the 2022 holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, spending predictions are all over the map. Consumers are struggling with inflation, a shaky...
By Marlea Clark

Why Brands Should Care About Trust—and How Content Marketers Can Optimize for It

At the 2022 Content Marketing World Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, the innovation and incredible thought put into the work of so many SEOs, content...
By Jacqueline Pascucci
Health & Wellness

Stella Intelligence: Gen Z Report Part III | Future Outlook

For our first post in this new series on Gen Z, we unveiled new research on shopping habits in the beauty, personal care, and food and beverage...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Stella Intelligence: The Gen Z Report Part II | Media Habits

For our first post in this new series on Gen Z, we focused on shopping habits in the beauty, personal care, and food and beverage categories. Now...
By Elizabeth McHugh

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