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Infographic | Gen X: Generation Squeezed

19 Apr 2024 Elizabeth McHugh

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Gen Xers are an interesting group to watch in today’s economic environment. While inflation has moderated, Gen Xers are a generation known for responsible spending—and they are certainly watching where their dollars go, finding ways to save, and investing in quality. When asked if they had to spend less across categories, Gen Xers are most reluctant to cut back on personal care spending (more so even than groceries!) In their mid-life, Gen Xers like to spend responsibly on themselves, investing in their wellness and happiness. Brands aiming to engage Gen X can really make a difference by supporting them in their multifaceted roles and promoting long-term wellness and financial savvy, all while delivering genuine quality.



GENERATION SQUEEZED: Infographic Highlights

  • Spanning ages 44 to 59, there are approximately 60M Gen Xers
  • 56% are monitoring budgets more now, since the onset of rapid inflation
  • Gen Xers like to find ways to save—62% agree that store brands are as good as name brands. However, quality must be maintained: 79% will spend money on an item that will last for a long time
  • For Gen Xers, time is to be enjoyed: 66% prefer to splurge on experiences more than things
  • Work, work, work: a little over half will work as long as they can for financial reasons, while 40% plan to work for personal fulfillment
  • 52% shop online—which is higher than Gen Z; generally speaking, Gen Xers have more means and less time
  • 56% prefer to plan for the future; brands: help Gen X look ahead with future-focused messaging, solutions, and education

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