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Stella Intelligence: The Gen Z Report Part I | Shopping Habits

Welcome to our 2022 blog series on Gen Z, a three-part look at the second-youngest generation, powered by our new, proprietary research on their...
By Elizabeth McHugh

All About: Market Mix Models

MARKET MIX MODELING: AN INTRODUCTION Market Mix Models (MMMs) are not a new analytics practice—they have been around for about 30+ years. However,...
By Zafreen Zerilli

Five Predictions: The 2021 Holiday Landscape

In the words of everyday shoppers "For the first time ever I'm buying ahead of the big sales. I normally wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic | Gen Z: Growing Up Amidst the Pandemic

Gen Z, a generation that contains multitudes, is changing fast. They are known for their values and activism—and for good reason: 30% of Gen Z...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic | Millennials Now: Understanding the Largest Generation

Millennials are, in large part, driving the shift to ecommerce. Because of convenience, Millennials prefer shopping online even more than Gen Z....
By Elizabeth McHugh
Social Media

Paid Social: A Shifting Landscape

Paid social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to gain quality traffic on any business or services website. The ability to drive...
By Trey Sells

GenC and Self-Care: The Role of Brands in Pandemic Burnout

For almost a year now we have defined GenC as the group—now all of us—whose behaviors and preferences will be significantly and lastingly influenced...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Critical Update for Facebook Advertisers: What We Know About iOS 14.4

At Stella Rising, we have been preparing for Apple’s new iOS 14.4, an update that prompts users to opt in to allow apps to track their activity upon...
By Anthony Vespucci

Three Retail Technology Trends to Watch in 2021, plus new Consumer Insights

2020 spurred 32.4% YoY growth in ecommerce; in 2021, the digital-first habits adopted in 2020 will deepen and expand via new technologies. eMarketer...
By Elizabeth McHugh

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