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Infographic | Feeling Behind: The Gen Z Update 2023

07 Sep 2023 Elizabeth McHugh

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In our 2022 Gen Z report we wrote, “Like all of us, Gen Z wants to feel good about themselves, their purchases, and their actions. Brands can help them in that journey.” This remains true, and the data below highlights how important it is for brands to support and inform Gen Z. We recommend brands utilize messaging to empower Gen Z—assist them with their big concerns—and action to align with Gen Z values. Mental health has taken the forefront post-pandemic—it is Gen Z’s top health priority and value to support—offering a very clear path via which to build a deeper connection.



Gen Z in 2023: Infographic Highlights

  • 60M Gen Zers in the U.S., making Gen Z the fourth largest generation behind Millennials, Boomers, and Gen X
  • 42% say that taking care of their mental health is top priority (vs. 32% of all adults)
  • Gen Zers are actually less likely than other generations to say that they prefer to splurge on experiences rather than things:
  • 53% of Gen Z would like the brands and companies where they shop to support mental health
    • 47% say the same for both the environment/climate change/sustainability and racial and gender equity
When asked what they are most concerned about:
    • 68% say inflation, hinting that price is really important


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