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SEO Myths Dispelled

SEO can bring enormous benefit to brands, but it can be a bit confusing and lead to a lot of conflicting “facts” floating around. Here, we’ve laid...
By John Morabito

What is E-A-T? Understanding Google's August 1st Algorithm Update

Google makes updates to their algorithms as many as 600 times per year; while many of those updates slip by almost unnoticed, others have a...
By John Morabito
FPD News & Events

Women’s Marketing/Flying Point Digital Named “Agency of the Year” at Search Engine Land Awards

Last night Search Engine Land celebrated the best search marketers in the business at the annual Landy Awards. The Women’s Marketing/Flying Point...
By John Morabito

Is the Yoast Homepage Canonical Correct to Include the Trailing Slash?

Is the Yoast Homepage Canonical Correct to Include the Trailing Slash? Attending a conference today I had the pleasure of hearing Joost de...
By John Morabito
Mobile SEO

Practical Advice for Achieving Position V

Voice search is an undeniable growing trend, and marketers who are not preparing for the shift away from the keyboard are going to feel left...
By John Morabito

Dark Traffic From Chat: Slack, Facebook Chat & Google Hangouts

Many of us in the marketing community are at this point familiar with the subject of dark traffic and dark search. If not, check out the post we...
By John Morabito
google ranking factors

Why CTR Matters for SEO (and How to Perform an SEO CTR Audit)

Ever wonder why you're not getting enough traffic to your site, even though you're ranking for key terms? If you're not actively auditing your CTR...
By John Morabito
Quick Answers

YouTube Now Appearing as Source for Quick Answers

Are you or your clients video content creators? If so, things just may have just gotten a lot more interesting for you. As of today, we at Flying...
By John Morabito
on-page optimization

SEO Optimization Strategies 2016: Semantic SEO & User Engagement

As Google’s algorithm becomes more and more intelligent, so should your on-page optimization strategy. Two SEO trends, user engagement and semantic...
By John Morabito

More Google Algorithm Updates Looming: Google Testing Images in Mobile Results

Images In Google Mobile Search Results Recently while spot checking a few keywords on mobile for a client of ours, we noticed something in search we...
By John Morabito