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Why Brands Should Care About Trust—and How Content Marketers Can Optimize for It

At the 2022 Content Marketing World Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, the innovation and incredible thought put into the work of so many SEOs, content...
By Jacqueline Pascucci
Health & Wellness

Infographic | Living Well: How Consumers (and Brands!) Are Prioritizing Wellness

As the wellness market continues to grow at a steady pace, how are consumers spending when it comes to products and services that enhance their...
By Marlea Clark

How to Maximize Quickly: Five Strategies for Amazon’s October 2022 Prime Day Event

Here we go again! After months of speculation, Amazon officially announced an unprecedented second Prime Shopping Event that will take place October...
By Beth Mattix

Infographic | Retail: Q4 2022 Expectations

What will Q4 2022 bring for retailers—and consumers? Last week, FedEx signaled a downbeat forecast, falling short of revenue expectations and...
By Elizabeth McHugh
Health & Wellness

Stella Intelligence: Gen Z Report Part III | Future Outlook

For our first post in this new series on Gen Z, we unveiled new research on shopping habits in the beauty, personal care, and food and beverage...
By Elizabeth McHugh
Social Media

Pinterest Shuffles: Just Collage-Making and Moodboards, or So Much More?

Pinterest is probably best known for its inspiration and ideas capabilities, but the company’s newest product, Shuffles, which quietly launched...
By Sarah Levi

Stella Intelligence: The Gen Z Report Part II | Media Habits

For our first post in this new series on Gen Z, we focused on shopping habits in the beauty, personal care, and food and beverage categories. Now...
By Elizabeth McHugh
Social Media

BeReal: Not Just Another Social Network

WHAT IS BEREAL? Developed in December 2019, social network BeReal has created a new way to share pictures with friends. Every day at a different...
By Hannah Melly

Infographic | Amazon Prime Day Recap 2022

Prime Day 2022 was a success—Amazon’s biggest event to date. This result, despite (or rather, because of) an inflationary environment and even...
By Beth Mattix

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