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Critical Update for Facebook Advertisers: What We Know About iOS 14.4

At Stella Rising, we have been preparing for Apple’s new iOS 14.4, an update that prompts users to opt in to allow apps to track their activity upon...
By Anthony Vespucci

Three Retail Technology Trends to Watch in 2021, plus new Consumer Insights

2020 spurred 32.4% YoY growth in ecommerce; in 2021, the digital-first habits adopted in 2020 will deepen and expand via new technologies. eMarketer...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Ecommerce Lessons from Q4: The Pandemic, the Election, and Dramatic Growth

Last year’s colossal brick and mortar sales declines are well known: businesses were forced to pivot to a heavy ecommerce strategy, sparking new...
By Anastasia Sorokina

Introduction to YouTube Advertising: What to Expect and Plan for

The new numbers around YouTube—sparked by an increase in watch time during the pandemic—are notable for brands looking to drive a stronger digital...
By Brennan Dzierzek

Raving Reviews: How to Generate and Manage Product Feedback on Amazon

As we enter the final weeks of 2020, brands on Amazon are in the midst of the busiest quarter of the year—and also the largest holiday shopping...
By Beth Mattix

Infographic | Understanding Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 on Amazon

While Amazon has not offered much financial detail on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, our results are clear: Prime Day, though three months late,...
By Rina Yashayeva

Holiday 2020: How is GenC Shopping and Feeling this Season?

“GenC” refers to all of us who are affected long-term by COVID-19 and the complete disruption of everyday life. Now, as we enter the final month of...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Merchandising and SEO: Integrate Them and Thrive

Search Engine Optimization and ecommerce merchandising are closely intertwined, and yet most ecommerce brands separate the two as if they were...
By Emily Greene

Infographic | The Business of Beauty: Pandemic Briefing

Though we have seen beauty ecommerce skyrocket during the pandemic, overall industry sales will decline in 2020, as ecommerce has not fully made...
By Elizabeth McHugh

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