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Amazon Seller Strategy in Light of COVID-19

Amazon’s continued prioritization of essential items in response to COVID-19 is presenting new challenges to those who sell on the platform....
By Beth Mattix

Zoom Beauty: What's Happening to Beauty During Coronavirus

As consumers stay home for the greater good, they have passed their panic and are initiating a lipstick effect, treating themselves to the small...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Ten Reasons to Invest in SEO During a Downturn

As I lead our strong team of SEO experts at Stella Rising, I am fortunate to be a part of the growth trajectory for our wide variety of clients, and...
By John Morabito

Maximizing Your Google My Business During a Crisis

One of the most concerning consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the closure of virtually all non-essential businesses. For the businesses...
By Leah Tagliarino

Five Reasons to Invest Early in SEO

Oftentimes, when our SEO team at Stella Rising is introduced to emerging brands, they ask us: “Why should we invest in SEO now, before people hear...
By John Morabito

Impacts of COVID-19 on Amazon Advertising

COVID-19 has demanded flexibility from brands, creating an ever-changing landscape in which to make business decisions. The current climate has...
By Matt Strietelmeier

Answers from Analytics: Current E-Commerce Trends

At Stella Rising, I oversee analytics and measurement for all of our clients; I’m typically dedicated to solving for proper attribution, creating ...
By Zafreen Zerilli

Update: How to Approach E-Commerce and Customer Acquisition

During normal times in business, customer acquisition is the top priority of CMOs, per Nielsen. Under the current conditions resulting from COVID-19,...
By Anthony Vespucci

Stay the Course: Strategy for CPG Brands in the Coronavirus Climate

Though the reaction to COVID-19 has played out differently across the U.S., last week was a true turning point in which social distancing skyrocketed...
By Marjorie Powers

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