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Use Glimmer to Drive Consumer Insights

We created our social influencer community, Glimmer, to understand how women are thinking, feeling and shopping, in real time. We connect daily to...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic: Gen Z | Growing Up, Staying In

While more than half of Gen Zers still live with their parents, this generation already holds major influence in our economy and in the future of...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Explaining Amazon DSP and its Benefits for Brands

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that allows brands to programmatically reach relevant audiences on Amazon and off, via publishing partners on...
By Juliet Savignano

Savings for Amazon Sellers: A Guide to Reducing Fees

Recent volatility has increased the importance of every sale that a brand makes, including on Amazon. Brands are focused on maintaining and...
By Beth Mattix

Top Five Tips for Amazon Brand Stores

In May, I published a piece on the long-lasting benefits of optimizing content on Amazon. That blog post included a high-level overview of beneficial...
By Michael Hizny

Case Study: Connecting Awareness to Sales

A common client goal is brand awareness, but that often or always ladders up to a larger goal: revenue. Such was the case with a CPG client, who...
By Zafreen Zerilli

An Update on GenC: The Consumer with New Priorities

In March we introduced GenC as a “group whose behaviors and preferences will be significantly—and lastingly—influenced by Coronavirus.” Now several...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Lift Off with Amazon Launchpad

Amazon is constantly innovating its program offerings to help new brands launch and grow on the platform—at a cost, of course. One of the programs...
By Rina Yashayeva

Updated Research: Where Female Consumers Buy Beauty Online

Latest Consumer Behaviors, Predictions for Navigating Post-Pandemic, and Verbatims from Female Beauty Shoppers In a rapidly evolving COVID-19 and...
By Elizabeth McHugh

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