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Social Media

BeReal: Not Just Another Social Network

WHAT IS BEREAL? Developed in December 2019, social network BeReal has created a new way to share pictures with friends. Every day at a different...
By Hannah Melly

Infographic | Amazon Prime Day Recap 2022

Prime Day 2022 was a success—Amazon’s biggest event to date. This result, despite (or rather, because of) an inflationary environment and even...
By Beth Mattix
Food & Beverage

Infographic | Consumers' New Food and Drink Behaviors

COVID caused major shakeups at grocery shelves and now inflation, a new swath of hybrid workers, and changed habits are furthering disruption. An...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Stella Intelligence: The Gen Z Report Part I | Shopping Habits

Welcome to our 2022 blog series on Gen Z, a three-part look at the second-youngest generation, powered by our new, proprietary research on their...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Backlinks and Beyond, Part 2: Digital PR as a Holistic Approach to Authority-Building

Welcome to Part 2 of our guide to holistic website authority-building! In Part 1, we discovered the benefits of backlink-building and the most...
By Danielle Lachance-Butler

Backlinks and Beyond, Part 1: Off-Page SEO For Authority-Building

It should come as no surprise that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. But did you know that the concept of authority is an...
By Danielle Lachance-Butler

Google’s Visual Makeover is Coming: What it Means for Your Brand

While Google is constantly rolling out new innovations to provide a richer consumer experience, the search giant will soon implement the greatest...
By Jessica Ortiz

What Paid Search Includes in 2022

As digital advertising continues to grow, the need for digital expertise is at an all-time high. eMarketer projects that by 2023, U.S. adults will...
By Danielle Martinez

What Google Can Do for Your Brand: Assessing the Current Moment

Let’s face it. The road ahead for businesses in 2022 is filled with challenges. Consider this: From eMarketer’s new report, The Era of Uncertainty: ...
By Bjorn Hansen

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