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Social Media

The Complete Guide to Creator Partnerships in Meta

Despite the layoffs and drop in stock price, Meta remains one of the world’s most-used social apps. But that doesn’t mean Meta isn’t constantly...
By Abbey Troyer

Stronger Amazon Strategy: How To Maximize New-To-Brand

Are you looking to level up your Amazon advertising tactics? One key metric to focus on is your “new-to-brand” (NTB) percentage. First, it is...
By Natalie Church

Opening Pandora's Bot

The chances are that you’ve heard about ChatGPT, the general-purpose chatbot prototype that has taken the world by storm over the last few months....
By Brandon Heagle
Social Media

Beauty Brands: Five Ideas for Meta Ads Success

Beauty is (still) booming: in 2022, total beauty sales rose 11% YoY. And though the growth rate might slow in 2023, ecommerce beauty sales are...
By Andrew Halfman
Social Media

Supercharge TikTok Ads with TikTok Audience Insights

TikTok is a gold mine for advertisers looking for content ideas, ad inspiration, and the latest trending conversations. With the addition of ...
By Andrew Halfman

Infographic | Retail Media: Meeting Consumers Where They Shop

Retail media continues to evolve and expand, offering brands a closer relationship with retailers along with opportunities to reach a large,...
By Candace Deede

Cyber Five Recap: Holiday Shopping Is Going Strong

We’ve made it through the biggest shopping weekend of the year, so what can we learn from consumer behaviors during the Cyber Five? And how can...
By Danielle Martinez

Paid Search Holiday Planning Guide 2022

Now that we’ve made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we have some great insights to help ensure you are pulling all possible levers to drive...
By Danielle Martinez

2022 Holiday Spending Trends

As the 2022 holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, spending predictions are all over the map. Consumers are struggling with inflation, a shaky...
By Marlea Clark

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