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Amazon Goes Social: Leveraging Amazon Posts

During the last six months, social media usage has soared, helping shape the shift to ecommerce. Consumers are relying on social media for product...
By Michael Hizny

Prepping for Prime Day

Amazon’s star event looks a little different this year. As VP of Marketplace Strategy at Stella Rising, managing this major Amazon opportunity for...
By Rina Yashayeva

COVID, Consumers, and Influencers: An Evolved Relationship

Ecommerce sales increased by nearly a third in Q2, as consumers’ shift to digital continued. Between lockdowns and health concerns, in-store browsing...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic: Curious About Color: What’s at Play in 2020’s Color Cosmetics Market

The Zoom beauty boom has sent ecommerce sales skyrocketing: Ulta recently reported that their ecommerce sales were up more than 200% for the...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic: Better Understand Boomers

Ok brands, time to wise up to Boomers. We have addressed Gen Z and Millennials, and while those generations hold tremendous influence in our...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Benefits of SEO Services for CPG Brands

How CPG Brands Can Get the Most Out of SEO For CPG brands—at any stage in their lifecycle—increasing their digital presence can supercharge their...
By Jacqueline Pascucci
Food & Beverage

Infographic: Grocery During COVID-19: A Wild Ride Toward the Future

From a revenue perspective, the pandemic will be a boon for many food and beverage brands. Yet that does not mean that the new normal will be easy...
By Elizabeth McHugh

The Google Glitch

Adam is an Associate Director, SEO, at Stella Rising On August 11th, I woke up and checked Twitter as I frequently do. I saw that Independent SEO...
By Adam Clemence

Driving Word-of-Mouth and Brand Legitimacy

We created our social influencer community, Glimmer, to understand how women are thinking, feeling, and shopping, in real time. We connect daily to...
By Elizabeth McHugh

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