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What Paid Search Includes in 2022

As digital advertising continues to grow, the need for digital expertise is at an all-time high. eMarketer projects that by 2023, U.S. adults will...
By Danielle Martinez

What Google Can Do for Your Brand: Assessing the Current Moment

Let’s face it. The road ahead for businesses in 2022 is filled with challenges. Consider this: From eMarketer’s new report, The Era of Uncertainty: ...
By Bjorn Hansen
Food & Beverage

Snacking Behaviors: Five Trends and an Appetizing Future

FIVE TRENDS IN SNACKING Much is going on in the snack space. As 69% of consumers agree that anything can be considered a snack, it is hard to...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic | The Clean Beauty Boost

What’s next for clean beauty? Since our last clean beauty update, consumer interest in ingredients has spiked, mainly for two reasons: consumers...
By Elizabeth McHugh

All About: Market Mix Models

MARKET MIX MODELING: AN INTRODUCTION Market Mix Models (MMMs) are not a new analytics practice—they have been around for about 30+ years. However,...
By Zafreen Zerilli

Amazon Acronyms: Glossary Guide | 75 Words You Must Know

Working with and selling on Amazon requires learning a new language. When I first started working at Amazon, one of the biggest learning curves I...
By Rina Yashayeva

Amazon Sponsored Ads and DSP: Creative Guidelines and Helpful Tips

Photos and videos shown via Amazon Advertising are an important part of the customer shopping experience, both within Sponsored Ads as seen in search...
By Katie Michowski

Wellness Brands: A Meta Targeting Deprecation Hits in March 2022

In December, Meta announced that they would deprecate some interest-based targeting options within their platform. While they framed the categories...
By Sacha Mohabeer

Five Creative Ecommerce Tips for Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is tough to begin with; iOS14 and ever-evolving consumers have made successfully running ads on Facebook and Instagram even more...
By Andrew Halfman

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