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Infographic | Retail Media: Meeting Consumers Where They Shop

14 Dec 2022 Candace Deede

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Retail media continues to evolve and expand, offering brands a closer relationship with retailers along with opportunities to reach a large, highly relevant audience. eMarketer predicts that retail media will be the next big wave of digital advertising—and this form of advertising could even be bigger than search and social. Connecting with consumers where and when they shop helps brands deliver their message closer to the point of purchase, reaching mass audiences that include coveted groups that are hard to reach on TV.

Retail Media Infographic


Retail Media: Infographic Highlights

    • 82% of U.S. advertisers plan to increase their retail media spending this year, with jewelry and luxury (100%), consumer electronics (92%), beauty (87%), and CPG (87%) as the top categories increasing spending
    • With approximately 85% of retail sales occurring in-store—outpacing the number of consumers who shop in the digital space—physical stores are monetizable media assets, helping brands reach a mass audience closer to the point of purchase
    • With more than 76% of the retail media net ad revenue share in the U.S. market, Amazon is the clear leader in this space—about 12X larger in share than Walmart, its nearest competitor
    • But Walmart is gaining steam, with two key updates that led to an 83% increase in ROAS: enhanced search relevancy and changing to a second-price auction model
    • By 2026, it’s estimated that the retail media market will account for over 25% of total digital media spending, with revenue projected to reach $100 billion
    • However, 37% of marketers are frustrated because their retail media partners don’t help them overcome challenges, creating a roadblock that will need to be addressed for retail media to succeed

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Retail Infographic Trending