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Infographic | Consumers' New Food and Drink Behaviors

25 Jul 2022 Elizabeth McHugh

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COVID caused major shakeups at grocery shelves and now inflation, a new swath of hybrid workers, and changed habits are furthering disruption. An interest in ingredients and a love of snacking prove that certain quarantine habits are sticky, while a renewed desire for convenience and leftovers indicates home cooking burnout. Brands can help on all fronts, through new products, how-to education, and content. We advise brands prioritize understanding consumer sentiment, via research, at all times—the space, and its consumers, are evolving quickly.



New Food and Drink Behaviors: Infographic Highlights

  1. Natural is more important: 32% (the greatest amount) of consumers cite natural ingredients as a top factor when food shopping, up from 29% in 2019-2021

  2. Taste wins (yet) again: 63% of consumers say taste is most important to them when choosing food and drink; taste has led with consumers since 2020

  3. 31% of consumers say that cost is most important to them when purchasing food and beverage products; so, expect at least a third to really respond to rising prices

  4. 1 in 5 consumers are replacing meals with snacks more often this year

  5. 22% of consumers eat plant-based meat alternatives; younger consumers over-index for this, pointing to future growth

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