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Infographic | Amazon Prime Day Recap 2022

02 Aug 2022 Beth Mattix

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Prime Day 2022 was a success—Amazon’s biggest event to date. This result, despite (or rather, because of) an inflationary environment and even despite the 35% of consumers who reported they spent less this year. We highlighted how brands should prepare for the big event in a StellaVision episode and were thrilled to drive gains for our clients. The lessons in that quick webinar—from how to plan inventory to advertising—will remain valuable, particularly with rumors of a second Prime Day event later in 2022.



Amazon Prime Day: Infographic Highlights

  1. Estimated sales were $7.76B, a 6.2% increase from 2021

  2. The total ecommerce sales on Prime Day were $11.9B, up 8.5% from LY

  3. Home was important this year to consumers; electronics, household essentials, and home were some of the best-selling categories

  4. On average, Stella Clients saw a 5.9x lift in revenue vs. an average day 

  5. #PrimeDay2022 videos were viewed 52M times on TikTok, far more than the 30M views in 2021 and 6M views in 2020

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