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Infographic | The New Era of Weight Management

02 Apr 2024 Elizabeth McHugh

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How are consumers thinking about weight loss amidst the latest, potentially revolutionary innovations? An overwhelming 88% are either considering or pursuing weight loss methods. Yet, even with the introduction of GLP-1 medications, consumer preference still leans toward traditional weight management through diet and exercise. There is a general inclination toward trusting GLP-1 drugs, though apprehensions—particularly around potential side effects—are deterring consumers.

Concerns about side effects overshadow worries about costs, to the extent that many consumers seem to not have researched the expenses involved: 53% are unaware of the costs associated with GLP-1 treatments. What’s more, 89% would be willing to pay no more than $200 a month—far below the actual costs.

Over 40% of Americans are classified as obese—but at the same time, we, as a society, are moving away from shame and toward science (we hope!) Meaningful changes are here—but for real change to happen, consumers need to feel secure, excited—and as though they can afford the option they pick.



THE STATE OF WEIGHT 2024: Infographic Highlights

  • If looking to lose weight, 54% say they would turn to diet and exercise programs—far and away the majority
  • 40% would personally consider using GLP-1s, while 37% have no interest and would prefer to lose weight via other means
  • Only 12% of consumers are happy with their current weight

  • 38% would consider a prescription GLP-1 for themselves or a loved one
  • The leading concern over bariatric surgery is complications during or after surgery, at 77%
  • 51% of users somewhat trust new medical offerings for weight loss
  • Nearly 4 in 10 express concerns about trusting medical advancements


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