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Persona Project

Women’s Marketing partnered with the multicultural, Millennial experts at Buzz Marketing Group to explore women’s lives around the nation. We administered surveys, conducted ethnographies, and held focus groups – all of which enabled us to dive into the thoughts and lives of these remarkable women. While doing this, we found five key personas emerging from the data: the Enterprising Mom, the Passionista, the Established Mom, the Super Beauty, and the Elemental. Click on the links to explore and understand these women.


Female Consumer

Who is your key consumer? Through a combination of original qualitative research and quantitative analysis, we discovered five key female personas. We provide insight into the identities, habits, and needs of today’s empowered female consumer.

Individual Profiles


Meet real women who personify each of our archetypes. Understand her priorities, her passions, her needs and wants, and how marketers can effectively reach her at all touch points.



Want to know how women think? Our videos provide a glimpse into how each of these marketing personas approaches media, their shopping habits, and lifestyle priorities.