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Enterprising Mom (18-34)

S he’s grounded in her constant movement.

This Millennial mom is tech-savvy, economical and nurturing. In a life filled with buzz and motion, she embodies the traditional with a completely modern soul. millennialmom-150x150 She’s mastered the art of balancing her steady stream of obligations including her personal life, work demands, and her young childrens’ schedules. She is calm when all the balls are in the air because she knows they’re all in her court and complete control.

When it comes to technology, she is fully competent in using her own personal computer along with a large variety of mobile apps. She values that they offer her easy solutions to everyday activities, such as providing early-education reading games for her kindergartener, downloading music for her workout playlist, or accessing directions to her off-site work meeting.

Not only is this mom skilled at work, but she’s also a master at play. She came of age amid economic panic, so she loves the ability to use technology to find the best shopping deals, and always checks in on discount apps like Groupon and StubHub.

This Millennial is the carrier of many responsibilities and goals, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. The hectic demands of her life energize her and keep her motivated to push herself even further toward success, which she would not be able to achieve without her strong network and connections. Her multicultural mindset allows her to be open to new experiences and embrace the village around her. From her nannies and babysitters to using technology such as Amazon and Fresh Direct for food, she knows she can rely on these sources to get her life to be exactly the way she wants it.

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