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Amazon Advertising: Sponsored Ads/Amazon DSP Services (Amazon PPC Strategy)

Advertising on Amazon takes brands to the next level by increasing traffic, product awareness, and brand awareness, and fueling the Amazon Flywheel. When executed properly, Amazon Advertising can also drive revenue, boost rankings, and help brands gain market share. Amazon Advertising is now third behind Facebook and Google in terms of net ad revenue and growing +33% YoY (source eMarketer Oct 2020). Servings ads to the high-intent consumers on the platform allows brands the opportunity to shine amidst considerable competition.

Our team of Amazon Advertising experts creates strategies that align with brand goals and objectives and are typically comprised of Sponsored Ads (previously known as AMS) and Amazon DSP.


Over 50% of searches begin on Amazon: search advertising is a key pillar for success. Similar to the way that paid search ads are implemented on Google, we create a strategy utilizing keyword research, campaign management, and bid optimization. We drive success through a combination of Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, and Sponsored Display Ads, and optimize using the leading digital advertising technology platform. We track performance by campaign and keyword category type, and report on all key advertising metrics.


The Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP), enables the programmatic buying of display and video ad placements on and off of Amazon. By using Amazon’s first-party shopper data and insights, we can reach, educate, and re-engage consumers at multiple touchpoints. We create custom audiences built from Amazon sales data, retarget Amazon shoppers that have engaged with your brand or products, and reach new users through prospecting efforts.

Existing on Amazon is not enough in order to thrive on the platform: by engaging with Stella Rising Amazon Advertising experts, your brand can take advantage of enormous selling opportunities.

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