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Enhanced Brand Content for Amazon (Amazon SEO Experts)

Stella Rising’s strategic optimizations ensure maximum visibility within Amazon’s organic search algorithm and improve ASIN Best Seller Rank.

Copy optimization is crucial on Amazon, similar to SEO's importance on DTC websites. Robust, optimized content on product pages improves customer experience and works with Amazon’s algorithm, allowing brands and products to show up in search results. Mastering search relevancy is essential: 75% of consumers shop Amazon through search, rather than by browsing. 

Stella Rising uses the most comprehensive and accurate set of Amazon search data in the industry. Our research is powered by highly sophisticated models that utilize real Amazon search trends and millions of Amazon sales data points gathered each day. After extensive Amazon keyword research, we optimize critical elements in accordance with Amazon best practices, combined with the brand’s voice and guidelines, including:

Product Title Optimizations: Titles are the first piece of copy that consumers see on the search result page and are the most crucial part of content optimization. Stella Rising takes into account product features and benefits, maximizing character count to both educate the consumer and drive the Amazon Flywheel. Bullet Points: As the number of bullets varies by product category, Stella Rising carefully constructs bullet points to showcase the ASINs’ features, benefits, composition, instructions, etc.
Product Descriptions: Further opportunity to expand on the brand story or elaborate on the product description. Backend Keywords: Keywords not visible to the consumer, yet are relevant to the product, and therefore important to the search algorithm.

Content optimizations have long-lasting effects for brands and products selling on the platform. On Amazon, it is essential to master the foundations in order to achieve long term, organic success.

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