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Amazon Strategic Consulting Services

Looking to launch or improve your current strategy?  

We provide strategic consulting to guide brands toward greater efficiency and revenue on Amazon. Whether you are new to the platform—or an established presence—Stella Rising can provide a personalized audit with tailored guidance.

New Brand Launch

If your brand is struggling to choose between being an Amazon Vendor or Seller, we can create a cost analysis for you, explaining the pros and cons of each platform, to help make the right decision for your brand.

Amazon Assessment: How is your brand competing on Amazon? We can tell you.

Competitive & Category Insights

Using proprietary technology, Stella Rising can provide you with category insights and competitor data across your competitive set. Interested to see how your brand is trending against the competition? Look no further. Our Stella Scorecard analyzes the trends and top Amazon search terms within your category on Amazon, how you stack up against the competition, and uncover opportunities to increase your share of voice. The Amazon Assessment is a clear roadmap for how to grow and what to focus on, so that your brand can shine on the platform. Connect with us to get started.

Stella Scorecard: Strategy Audit

Given the correct data, we can also analyze your current advertising on Amazon, reviewing your campaign strategy, structure, budgets, and naming conventions to make strategic recommendations for improvement. Understanding efficiencies allows your brand to maximize returns.

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