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NewFronts 2015 Overview | WMI

NewFronts 2015 Overview | WMI

04 Jun 2015 Elissa B.

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Newfronts-2015-Womens-MarketingBy Elissa Brown
Since they started in 2008, the NewFronts presentations offer digital content providers an opportunity to pitch advertisers and brands on their ever-growing content platform. Like the television networks’ famous UpFronts, these events are splashy, celebrity-filled, and jam-packed with exclusive announcements and new advertising solutions. Our intrepid media team packed in as many events as possible at NewFronts 2015 to discover how we can provide cutting-edge, attention-getting, and above all, relevant media opportunities for our clients.

Video Content is a common theme at the IAB Newfronts 2015

Each year as I attend the NewFronts for digital content, I am excited to see how the publishers evolve. Once considered a high level marketing tool or reason to have a fabulous party, they have now become THE platform for publishers and brands to innovate and educate our industry. Key takeaways from NewFronts 2015 included showing how far digital video has evolved, how data has changed the game, and how connecting cross channel and engaging with audiences at any age is a must. Millennials are of course a big target for brands, but it is clear that nearly all consumers are demanding to be entertained, connected, and inspired no matter where they are. So where does that leave brands? With plenty of room for innovative, effective work! The NewFronts 2015 were an opportunity for our team to see up close how big data has advanced on to the scene and is changing the game for our clients. We are excited to take the conversations to the next level for our brands, by bringing them the best and brightest opportunities.

Below find an IAB newfronts 2015 recap on each of the events from our media team.

Lauren Jennings, Senior Media Planner
The AOL NewFronts 2015 presentation was all about “unleashing” storytelling. AOL’s Content 365 strategy is a plan to make content of “all shapes and sizes, for all devices, every day.
They announced they were releasing 26 shows that would be in one of three formats: short, snackable content; 8-22 minute episodic storytelling; or long-form film and documentaries.
The biggest announcement was the video content partnership formed between AOL and NBCUniversal. NBCUniversal video clips and segments will be available to stream on AOL (on.aol.com mobile app, and other OTT platforms) and both companies are co-developing and co-producing new web series. (This includes E!, Bravo, NBC, USA, Telemundo, Oxygen, CNB, MSNBC). With this amount of content from AOL + NCBU, Women’s Marketing has more ways to reach our key audiences at greater scale and in more meaningful ways.

Sara Florian, Manager Business Development
Refinery29 was all about the Millennial woman this year. In fact, Refinery29 is projecting they will reach 1 out of every 2 millennial women in the U.S. Their original content includes 22,000 original posts per year (documentary style, scripted series, and tutorials) that clearly resonate with this demographic—95% of site visitors agree that brands they see advertised are “relevant and on-trend” and 64% of visitors have made a purchase based on a brand they saw on the site. At Newfronts 2015 they explained we will see more integration and custom opportunities for brands with this Millennial powerhouse publisher.

Condé Nast
Elissa Brown, Associate Media Director
Condé Nast was all about original content and curation. They announced the expansion of The Scene and Condé Nast Entertainment’s 18 branded channels, including over 2,500 new original videos, 10 new content partners, and innovative storytelling through virtual reality. The Scene expands to 40 channels, adding sports, comedy, music, and inspirational content. The new content will be developed in partnerships with ten well-established brands including Warner Music, Pitchfork, RedBull, The Onion, and College Humor. Additionally, they are also launching Vida Belleza, CNÉ’s first channel dedicated to Latino Millennials.

CNÉ will also bring Condé Nast’s storytelling to virtual reality through a new partnership with Jaunt Studios, the leading producer of cinematic VR experiences. CNÉ and Jaunt Studios, CNÉ’s exclusive virtual reality partner, will jointly produce two narrative/plot-based virtual reality series this year.

Elissa Brown, Associate Media Director
Popsugar did it again this year! They announced a whole new slate of video content, including two scripted comedies starring Mae Whitman and Nicole Richie. In All My Friends Are Getting Married, Whitman will play Chloe, a single 20-something who is up against a summer of six bachelorette parties. Nicole Richie will replace Amy Sedaris as the boss of LeGrande PR in a second season of the critically-acclaimed work place comedy, Seriously Distracted.

From a social advertising perspective, they are partnering with YouTube superstar Ingrid Nilsen to head up Ingrid Dishes. In each episode Nilsen will whip up a delicious meal alongside musicians, influencers, and fans, while having an intimate conversation. Also new in the food category, Popsugar has tapped food adventurer Eden Grinshpan for a new series, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.

In the fashion category, Popsugar is partnering with style influencer Hannah Bronfman, for Hannahgram. They are also launching two new home design shows, Upstaged featuring home stager Cheryl Eisen, and Knock Knock with designer Rachel Antonoff. Looking forward to seeing how this intriguing content is received!

Mode Media
Jessica Stanton, Senior Media Planner
Mode had a unique stance at NewFronts 2015: announcing a website re-launch and new app that will act as a customizable TV channel that houses video content from Mode and other sources—no two users will have the same experience when going to the page!

In introducing Mode new platform, they’ve created a way for brands to align and create branded content or videos to reach consumers through a native environment. Mode has stated that all content is 100% in-view and all within a controlled environment through their Mode Video Streaming Service. During the presentation they offered a live demonstration of this platform—and one new social video drove 1.8 million views within five hours!
With Mode Media as the #7 digital property in the US, this is a great new addition to its platform and overall capabilities; we look forward to seeing how it can enhance our brands as they seek to engage with the ideal target audience.

ZEFR Recap
Stefania Ciarleglio, Assistant Media Planner
With time spent watching video up 38% since 2014, and 2/3 of internet users signed on to social media platforms, it’s no wonder that Zefr, a technology that drives performance on YouTube, is hailing 2015 “The Year of Mobile Video.”

According to Zefr, video accounts for nearly 50% of digital spend across platforms and their goal is to create “order” out of the chaos that is digital ad networks. Zefr has the ability to track content uploaded based on the philosophy that “users trust users,” and, through their platform, have developed a way for brands to own this content. Using their Influencer Management System (IMS), Zefr can identify up-and-coming talent on YouTube, with the ability to break down engagement rate through developing specific influencer, audience, and content tags across a multi-platform basis.

Zefr is packaging their Brand ID Choice inventory, Native Solution, and 3rd party research from Millward Brown to target and connect with key audiences,including Moms, Hispanics, Millennial Females, and Millennial Males

Daily Mail and Elite Daily
Shannan Conley, Media Planner
With 70MM unique views online, Daily Mail is looking to drive news and pop culture by reaching 1 in 2 millennials with over 1,000 pieces of content pushed out daily. As the platform continues to raise awareness in the U.S., its main focus has been to create content that matters to their audience, all day, every day, on every platform. It also doesn’t hurt when Piers Morgan is the Editor-at-Large.

The majority of the site’s traffic comes from social sources, further deepening its connection with the Millennial audience. The Daily Mail app also has the most time spent vs. any other news app in the app store and they’re the #5 news site on Facebook and #1 on Pinterest. Elite Daily also continues to be one of the world’s leading news sources creating content for millennials by millennials. In fact, 71% of their readers are between the ages of 18-34. Besides focusing on their owned and operated properties and developing original content, Daily Mail’s second priority has become Snapchat! Advertisers can now access the coveted Millennial audience with 10-second advertisements to run on the Daily Mail channel with the Discover platform on Snapchat.

Why is this powerful for our brands? 45% of Snapchat’s audience is between the ages of 18-24 and this demo is using Snapchat to receive digestible doses of news and content. Advertisers who have been looking for a way in to the Snapchat audience may find this option effective. .

It's time to take your video to the next level.

Looking for an overall IAB newfronts 2015 recap? It’s all about video! Brands have almost unlimited ways to reach their core audience through highly targeted, consumer-specific media strategies. Spend your advertising budget more effectively—contact Women’s Marketing and let us develop a strategic media plan that gets your brand noticed.

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