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07 Jul 2015 Ann D'Adamo

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Women of all ages are interested in luminous, healthy-looking skin. In an effort to keep that youthful glow, Millennial women are using anti-aging products earlier than previous generations and Boomers are scooping up targeted products that promise to plump dry skin and tackle crow’s feet. Although women of various generations approach skincare differently, most of them are actively purchasing skincare products.

Where are the opportunities in the skincare industry? Women’s Marketing has identified three new skincare trends emerging in the category that appeal to all women.

Trend 1: Beauty Trends from Korea

Korean skincare trends began influencing the American market in 2011 with the emergence of BB creams and now, those “K-beauty” trends have emerged as a full-fledged phenomenon. American women are increasingly intrigued with the fresh, dewy look promoted by Korean beauty bloggers and Asian brands have been quick to respond, bringing their products to the U.S. skincare market. The newest Korean beauty innovations focus on overnight products that promise to repair skin at the cellular level during sleep and one-step anti-aging masques. “These products will appeal to busy women who don’t have time for multi-step skin care routines, but still want youthful-looking skin,” explains Andrea Van Dam, CEO of Women’s Marketing, “Increasingly, women want products that multi-task,” she says.

Trend 2: Micellar Waters

Micellar waters are no-rinse cleansers that claim to gently remove makeup and other impurities while hydrating skin. Popular in Europe and Asia, these cleansers are starting to gain traction in the U.S. skincare industry. Until recently, prestige brands have been largely responsible for educating American women on the benefits of these products, but earlier this year, mass-market manufacturers in the skincare industry slowly began launching micellar water cleansing products in both liquid and pre-moistened cleansing wipe formats. “Again, this plays into the demand for products that offer women one-step solutions that provide multiple benefits,” explains Van Dam.

Trend 3: Technology

New mobile skincare apps offer a variety of benefits including skin analysis, product recommendations, and even consultations with dermatologists. Recent skin care trends show that consumers are turning to technology to track their skincare routines and monitor how their skin changes over time. The app then uses that data to create customized skincare routines and make product recommendations that best align with the user’s profile. “For the first time, consumers have customized, real-time skin care advice at their fingertips. This provides an opportunity for marketers to personalize the experience and collaborate with consumers to create a unique, individualized experience,” says Van Dam. “Brands have the potential to create real relationships with consumers, win their loyalty, and be constantly on their radar,” she advises.

“Overall, the real trend here is convenience,” says Van Dam. “Women have so much going on in their lives—they simply don’t have time for elaborate beauty routines or to research products across multiple brands,” she observes.

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Source: Mintel Facial Skincare and Anti-Aging, US – May 2015

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