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Creative Video Advertising: Three Things to Know | WMI

Creative Video Advertising: Three Things to Know | WMI

10 Nov 2015 Rich Zeldes

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Women's Marketing Mobile Video Advertising

Every campaign begins with creative. Optimizing your creative in length, relevance, and interactivity can influence how viewers respond to your content. Women’s Marketing Executive Vice President Managing Director, Global Business Development Rich Zeldes offers three tips for marketers to consider when developing mobile ads.

Make it Short

“Completion rate drops as ad duration increases,” says Zeldes. “Most marketers are creating 15 second ads, but researchers found the difference in completion rates between 15 second ads and 7-10 second ads is 21% on mobile devices, compared to just 2% on desktops,” he states. Though challenging, keeping your message short and to the point can help marketers to make the most of their mobile investments.

Make it Bright

After analyzing top performing ads, researchers found that ads with light colored backgrounds and bright creative had an average completion rate of 64% while those with dark, dull backgrounds came in at 43%. Interestingly, Zeldes shared that ads that kept brand mentions out of the first five seconds outperformed those that mentioned their brand right away by 12%. Finally, ads without text in the first five seconds performed better than those with text. “This suggests that, when presented with intriguing creative, consumers keep watching to learn more,” Zeldes advises.

Make it Actionable

“Not surprisingly, we found that the most successful interactive mobile ads featured compelling calls to action that entice viewers to engage,” says Zeldes. Interactive formats that allow advertisers to add custom overlays to their creative, including image video galleries, social icons, and other calls to action, create an immersive experience and prompt consumers to buy.

Although these tips provide a starting point for brands, Zeldes advises marketers to have a clear objective when embarking on a campaign, “Drive customers to retail by including a location to inform consumers where your products are sold. Additionally, in-store promotions can be overlaid onto pre-roll ads to drive purchase in-store,” Zeldes explains.

Optimize your creative assets with a media plan that reaches your core consumer when, and where, your content is relevant to them. Contact Women’s Marketing to learn about our suite of print and digital opportunities and discover how we can help you build your brand.

Source: TubeMogul, 2015

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