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Mobile Video: Is it Right for Your Brand? | WMI

04 Nov 2015 Ann D'Adamo

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Women's Marketing - Mobile Video Marketing

Mobile Video: Is it Right for Your Brand

Analysts predict that by 2018, mobile ad spending will encompass 71% of digital ad spend and account for 26% of all U.S. ad dollars. For some, the fact that mobile media consumption has been increasing year-over-year is enough to shift a significant portion of their marketing budgets to mobile. But marketers need to be able to justify results, not just trends. Rich Zeldes, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Global Business Development at Women’s Marketing explains where and how marketers are seeing success in mobile video.

Mobile + Pre-Roll = Better Impact & Viewing

Exposure to any digital video almost doubles message recall rates, but when we look at mobile and pre-roll together, we find the two are better together than either one on its own. “Our partners at TubeMogul shared data with us revealing that exposure to mobile, with its unique context and full-screen video delivery, improves delivery by two percentage points. And standard and mobile pre-roll ad exposure, when combined, push message recall up another two points,” explains Zeldes.

“Viewable completions”—an actual person watching the entire ad, is what marketers really want. Using mobile to complement standard pre-roll buys is a simple way to boost viewable completion rates. These ads, when served in apps or mobile-optimized sites, fill the entire screen from start to finish. Should a viewer navigate away from the app or page while the ad is playing, the ad will either pause and resume when the viewer returns, or close and be replaced by a new ad. “Mobile will increase viewable completions. We saw campaigns that added mobile dramatically improved in that metric,” Zeldes says.

Tablets Win Interactive In-App Pre-Roll

Marketers are increasingly aware that ads need to be adapted for the viewing screen and each digital device presents its own unique ad opportunities. Interactive in-app pre-roll ads are specifically designed to run in mobile applications, where researchers found mobile users spend more than 80% of their time. Underscoring the need for marketers to select the best mobile device for their ad, Zeldes points to statistics on tablet viewership vs. phone, “We learned that completion rates for interactive ads are 6 percentage points higher on tablets than on phones and click rates are a full 1% point higher.”

Is mobile media marketing right for your brand? Our team of media professionals leverages their expertise in reaching women throughout their day to develop bespoke media plans for emerging and ambitious brands. Contact us today to learn more about mobile video or any of our other media capabilities.

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