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Consumers Don’t Waffle on Breakfast for Dinner Trend | WMI

Consumers Don’t Waffle on Breakfast for Dinner Trend | WMI

04 Jan 2016 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage, Integrated

WMI Breakfast for Dinner HeaderWe have brunch, a mashup of breakfast and lunch, so why not “brinner.” a.k.a., “breakfast for dinner”? According to new research, the majority of Americans are embracing “brinner” already—nine out of ten say they eat breakfast for dinner, with more than half of respondents enjoying breakfast foods for an evening meal once a month or more and nearly 25% doing so once a week!

In response to this trend, food brands are re-imagining their products to offer creative dinnertime meal suggestions, or in the case of McDonalds, expanding their menu to include breakfast foods throughout the day. Women’s Marketing looked at this trend to understand why it’s resonating with consumers and where opportunities may be for food brands.

It’s New

The family cook is often challenged to find new and creative meals that appeal to the entire family. In fact, one study found that 50% of women said their number one meal time challenge was boredom. This presents food marketers with a unique opportunity to re-position their brand and offer interesting interpretations of traditional breakfast staples through ads, recipe content, and social engagement.

It’s Easy

Eggs, toast, bacon…dinner’s ready! Thirty-eight percent of survey respondents noted that having all the ingredients on hand is one of the main appeals of breakfast-for-dinner and 31% say that it’s easier and faster than preparing a traditional dinner. Busy Millennials in particular are big fans of Breakfast Night, 94% of those surveyed say they regularly enjoy breakfast for dinner, and 32% do so weekly!

Everyone Can Participate

Time-crunched families say they use Breakfast Night as an opportunity to come together in the kitchen—39% say that preparation is a joint effort among all family members. Brands can promote the memory-making aspects of preparing food as a family, create recipes geared toward family preparation, or ask fans and followers to post their cooking photos to social media to increase engagement.

Kids Love It

If kids will eat it, moms are happy. Of the over 30% of families who make Breakfast Night a weekly occurrence, 67% said it was either very enjoyable or their absolute favorite! Pancakes and waffles led the list of preferred breakfast for dinner foods, and maple syrup naturally won the top toppings spot.

Social trends offer new opportunities to engage consumers with your brand. Inviting consumers to become part of your brand story and making them part of the experience are key to increasing engagement and improving the consumer/brand experience. Contact us today to learn how our insight into emerging trends and our viral marketing strategies can help your brand remain competitive and achieve differentiation in an increasingly cluttered market.

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