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Infographic: How Brides Discover & Shop for Weddings | WMI

08 Mar 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Media


Today, couples don’t want a cookie-cutter wedding, they want a celebration that truly reflects who they are. Millennials are getting married later (the average bride in the U.S. is 29, and average age for grooms is 31) and are more invested creating a personalized experience for their guests. In our infographic, we illustrate how they use social media to discover the products and services that will make their big day unique and the latest trends in weddings.

Top 5 Trends in Weddings

1. 98% of couples use smartphones for wedding planning

2. 62% of brides browse wedding dresses on their mobile phones

3. 66% of brides create a personalized wedding hashtag

4. 50% of brides create a wedding inspiration board on Pinterest

5. 24% create a bespoke cocktail to serve at their reception

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