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Consumers are Taking Charge of Their Health and Wellness

Consumers are investing in their health and wellness—to the tune of $480B by the end of 2024! This white paper unveils Stella Rising consumer research on health and wellness—and healthcare: what matters most to consumers, who they trust, what they need help with most, and so much more.

Consumers are certainly not relying on medical professionals alone—we delve into how they get their information—and dispel a few myths!

Further, our research reviews the importance of trust and community engagement, the continued influence of digital tools, and fallout from COVID. We also provide insights on how brands and health providers can build trust with consumers and foster a deeper connection.

Key highlights and questions answered in this report:

  • Hear directly from consumers on trust and ease of use.
  • How can brands and health providers build trust with consumers?
  • What role does technology play in today's healthcare landscape?
  • How do users feel about telehealth?