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As 77% of U.S. adults report that they are “actively trying to improve their health in some way,” the term health and wellness has become a comprehensive, pervasive mindset. Consumers now consider health and wellness holistically; accordingly, a wide range of industries is affected and disrupted by the health and wellness trends. Filled with the inspiration and motivation that a fresh decade brings, consumers will seek simplicity, push past taboos, and accept the brands that cater to their health and wellness, both mental and physical this year. 

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Source: Mintel, 2019




Heavily Holistic

Craving Community

Tech: Less + More = Different

Beyond Taboo: Femcare

Something in the Air

In the (Blue) Zones



Health and Wellness enters 2020 as a comprehensive, pervasive mindset that applies to myriad industries. Per Mintel, 77% of U.S. adults report that they are, "actively trying to improve their health in some way." What people mean by "health" has broadened, and the mindset is now a fully holistic one. Social media and big tech took over the 2010s, with significant consequences for mental health.

This year, the start of a new decade, will be much about reframing our relationship with tech, setting limits while also (and somewhat paradoxically) increasing personalization. Consumers will seek simplicity in the name of health and wellness, while simultaneously pushing past old taboos, creating spaces for in-person engagement, and accepting the brands that cater to their health and wellness needs, both mental and physical. 

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