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New from Stella Intelligence: proprietary research that gets at the heart of how consumers have shifted their behavior toward healthcare because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our new white paper presents pertinent research on healthcare as a priority, consumer trust levels, telehealth, and healthcare technology. An industry that was already enormous prior to the pandemic, healthcare is even more important now to Americans: we discuss the implications and expectations for what’s next.

Though healthcare is a big topic, our research focuses on the new consumer behaviors—the sentiments that have emerged in the past sixteen months—and the changes we see persisting. A must-read for brands in the healthcare and general health and wellness spaces, this Stella Rising white paper features fresh research, verbatims from consumers, big picture context, and insights to drive your company forward.

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Preview of the Table of Contents


01 The Pandemic Effect

02 Trust and Taking Charge

03 Tracking Telehealth

04 Technology’s Health Expansion


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