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How She Buys Beauty: our annual Path to Purchase white paper is here! We track consumers and their beauty shopping habits year-over-year, offering a longer term view that can guide future growth for beauty brands.

In this white paper, our research speaks to changes brought on by the pandemic, the dominance of Amazon beauty, the rise of skincare as self-care, and the importance of social media to her journey. We also present consumer profiles by retailer, so that brands can have a stronger sense of who their customer is, her preferences, and why she shops where.

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The Big Themes

  • Persistently Omnichannel
  • Social Powers Her Discovery
  • No, Really, She Loves Amazon
  • The Acceleration of Skincare (and Self-Care)

Detailing Discovery

Diving Into Online

What’s Happening In-Store

Profiles: Really Understand Your Consumer




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How She Buys Beauty White Paper