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Stella Rising named as Google Export Partner

03 Feb 2021 Elizabeth McHugh

in Digital, SEM, Trending

Stella Rising has launched its partnership with the Google Agency International Growth Program, enabling clients to seamlessly launch ecommerce around the world and excel in new markets.

The Google Agency International Growth Program utilizes Google’s best-in-class operational advisory and partner network on localization, global payments, international logistics, and global CX solutions. Removing the challenges of understanding and adapting to local markets allows brands to expand faster and more efficiently. Through the program, Google also helps to assess in-market demand, allowing brands to set smart projections.

As award-winning leaders in digital marketing, Stella Rising drives revenue for clients in the U.S. and internationally. The agency helps clients maximize business opportunities and ensure that goals are achieved. Fewer than 20 agencies have been selected by Google to partner in this program, and Stella Rising is thrilled to be one of the very first externally-recognized Google Export Partners.

Identifying and seamlessly integrating into new markets presents businesses with massive opportunities for incremental growth and profitability. Remarked Anthony Vespucci, EVP, Client Strategy, “our partnership with Google at this critical moment in ecommerce will help Stella Rising's clients enter into and thrive in new markets. We are excited to be a part of this exclusive program, as it helps our brands unlock new revenue potential and possibilities for expansion.”

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