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Sr. Director Social Media, Jenna Manula Linares, Contributes Influencer Marketing Article to Social Media Today | WMI

13 Oct 2017 Ann D'Adamo

Jenna Manula Linares, Senior Director, Social Media at Women's Marketing is a contributor to Social Media Today. Here's an excerpt from her latest article, "Stop Feeding the Beast: Why Micro-Influencers Matter More"

Step aside Kim Kardashian and Something Navy, the latest trend in influencer marketing revolves around activating micro-influencers—content creators who possess smaller, but highly engaged niche social followings. Although their fans may number in the hundreds or thousands rather than millions, these content creators inject an air of authenticity into their posts and drive engagement among their followers. Micro-influencers build community, creating an intimate and arguably more authentic relationship with their followers—a unique value that can’t always be measured tangibly.

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