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Stella Rising Spark Tool: Making Confident Data-Backed Marketing Decisions

For brands seeking to grow intelligently, we have created a tool called Spark. Spark enables optimization scenario planning to help brands answer the following critical questions:

    • What Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) can I expect with my budget?
    • How much should I spend to meet a revenue goal?
    • What is my optimized budget allocation across tactic? What yield can I expect?
    • Am I at a point of saturation with a marketing channel?
    • At what spend level would it make sense to introduce another channel?

Spark response curves help brands with critical forecasting, so that they can understand, ahead of time, what to expect from an investment.

Learn how we use Spark to quickly make smart marketing decisions by downloading our white paper.



At Stella Rising, we are focused on business results. All of our work—from research to strategy, media planning to digital execution—ladders up to driving positive outcomes and profitable growth for our clients. Analytics is a critical piece of every step, ensuring that we understand which marketing levers are generating the biggest impact. Spark is an internal tool we’ve built that uses response curves to understand how brand investment correlates to revenue; Spark lets us build roadmaps for clients so that they can know what return they expect. The tool allows clients to intelligently forecast—an essential step in building strong brands that are built for the long term, as well as respond to changing situations purposefully, anticipating the effects of an increase in or reduction of marketing spend.

Spark fuels rising star brands.

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