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While all industries have been affected by COVID-19, the impact on grocery has been particularly intense. Already predicted to grow prior to the pandemic, estimates for food and beverage retailing have been revised sharply upwards to $707.3B in 2020, from $675.75B in 2019. The pandemic has really accelerated the shift to online: food and beverage is now expected to be the fastest-growing ecommerce category, with a 58.5% YoY increase. But we wanted to understand: what is really happening in-store, what is the current consumer journey, and what are the implications for brands? Our research explores the highly fragmented space that is food and beverage retailing, discerns how consumers have changed, and gets at the heart of what comes next.

Discover the results of our full research study—with our perspective on the top takeaways for brands and what comes next—by downloading our white paper.


Stella Rising Shakeups at Shelf: Table of Contents Preview

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: New Routines are Set

Part 3: In-Store is (Still) Where it's At

Part 4: Fewer Trips, Bigger Baskets

Part 5: Diving Into the Digital Shift

Part 6: A Splintered Space

Part 7: What's Next

Part 8: Taking Stock: Implications for Brands

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