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Stella Intelligence: What Consumers Want from Wellness

A fresh study on modern consumers and their wellness experience.

New Stella Intelligence report: we asked consumers what they want from their wellness experience, with a focus on the growing area of femtech. Across nutrition, appearance, health, fitness, sleep, and mindfulness, consumers are approaching their post-COVID wellness with intentionality—and are looking for help from brands. This of-the-moment analysis, born from new research, assesses who consumers trust in wellness—both with their health and with their data. This white paper also uncovers consumers’ biggest health challenges and what matters more to them when it comes to products—price point or quality.

This is a big moment in wellness overall, and more specifically for the women’s health conversation. Download now to understand what consumers want from your wellness brand and how you can better connect with them.

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01 In Wellness, Consumers Are Seekers

02 The Doctor is In: Top Information Sources

03 What Brands Need to Know

04 Room to Run for Femtech

05 (Surprisingly) Trusting


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