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10 Things You Need to Know About Amazon Shoppers | WMI

11 Sep 2017 Ann D'Adamo

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Although Amazon won’t reveal exactly how many people shop the site, it’s estimated that 300 million people around the globe buy from the e-commerce giant and more than half of American adults are Prime members. In our infographic, we look at Amazon shoppers.

10 Things You Need to Know About Amazon Shoppers

1. They’re young and affluent—55% of Millennials are Prime members and 75% of Prime members live in households earning upwards of $112,000 annually

2. 80% of  US customers purchase from the site at least once a month and 20% say they shop on the site weekly

3. There are 600 Dash buttons and four Dash buttons get pushed every minute

4. Nearly 50% of Amazon consumers are open to trying new brands or products with more women (24.37%) than men (22%) saying they frequently try new products/brands when shopping on the site

5. Consumers don’t assume that Amazon has the best prices, 54% of shoppers “sometimes” or “frequently” check Amazon’s prices against other sites

6. Although the Amazon app is among the most downloaded—75% of all American smartphone owners have the app—nearly 40% of Amazon shoppers prefer to shop on desktop/laptop

7. Consumers listed price, shipping convenience, and quality of reviews as the three top decision factors when purchasing

8. Eight million U.S. consumers may now own an Echo device and one-in-five consumers have made a voice purchase in the last year

9. The average Prime member spends $1,300 on the online shopping platform every year, compared with $700 for non-Prime members

10. The top product categories on Amazon are: books/movies, electronics; apparel/accessories; personal care/beauty; home/garden; toys/games, pet, groceries/food; sports/outdoor; auto; baby

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