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Flying Point Digital Top Tweets: When to Take SEO Risks

19 Apr 2013 Flying Point

in Stella Rising News

Flying Point Digital TwitterFriday, April 19, 2013 — When should you take a risk with your current SEO strategy? This and other top stories are covered in our handy round-up of  top tweets from the world of search marketing.



When to Take SEO Risks. (And When Not To) http://bit.ly/11hunkx 

Google Thinks Your Title Tags & Meta Descriptions Aren’t Good Enough & Will Display Whatever it Wants http://bit.ly/119f5j2 

Q. What is the first thing a searcher sees when they type your name into the Google search bar? http://selnd.com/Yxp5iZ 




More People Share Bad Customer Service Experiences Than Good [INFOGRAPHIC] bit.ly/11lPhxe 

Your Brand and Social Media: Be Human – But Not Too Human http://bit.ly/Z5Qnkf 

Managing Online Reputation: What to Listen for and Where http://bit.ly/ZjjBIA 

How to Build an Online Community for Your Business http://mz.cm/ZnZoo1 



Digital Ad Revenues Cross $10 Billion Mark For The First Time: http://bit.ly/11c5xnf 



Bing News for Windows 8 updated with custom RSS feeds, Bing Maps gets local search feature http://vrge.co/ZkhOGn 



74% of small businesses employ nobody to manage their social media. Other scary stats here: http://bit.ly/Zjyg6G 

Pinterest hooks up with Bing http://bit.ly/13hrs0e

[VIDEO] How to Add a Recommendation on LinkedIn http://bit.ly/17GyE5V 

Put on your dancing shoes - Twitter Music App is live & available for all users! http://bit.ly/11lJRCw 

HOW TO: See More (or less) of Your Friend's Facebook Posts http://bit.ly/17watqE 



Companies who create, optimize and promote their blogs get 55% more traffic & 70% more leads than those who don't. http://bit.ly/135A5Ls 



3 Steps to Using Instagram for E-Commerce (without sharing a single photo) http://bit.ly/12mrAsJ


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