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Health & Wellness Marketing: The “Wellthy” Consumer | WMI

21 Oct 2014 Kerri Krom
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2014 wellness trendsWomen’s Marketing recently collaborated with Rodale on original consumer research designed to explore and explain the modern “Health & Wellness” consumer mindset and delve into 2014 wellness trends.

Among the topics:

  • What it means to be “wellthy”
  • The importance of accepting this mindset as the “new normal,” and
  • Why it’s such a huge industry (in fact, the next trillion dollar industry, with $125 billion allocated to nutrition and $25 billion to cosmetics procedures and beauty).

The trends all point in a single direction: More consumers are spending more money on Health & Wellness. The Health & Wellness market has seeped into so many aspects of women’s lifestyles. The fitness enthusiast is no longer a different woman than the soccer mom or the millennial fashionista. Today, she is often one and the same.

She is Healthy, Well-thy and Fabulous

The Health & Wellness Enthusiast is a trusted influencer. She follows regular skincare and exercise routines, and is willing to pay more for products that are environmentally safe. She is always looking to live a healthier lifestyle – so Health & Wellness marketing should respond to this desire. Among all the Health & Wellness categories surveyed by Women’s Health and Prevention, vitamins and supplements, healthy food and beverages and healthy beauty products ranked among her top products purchased in the last six months.

Wellness is her New Black

She is a woman who believes that being healthy in body and mind are equally important, and strives to weave this into her daily routine. 85% of women define “success” as having good health, and nearly as many prioritize having good relationships (81%) and finding time for the important things in life (83%). In contrast, just 33% define “having a lot of money” as the key to a successful life. Women are proactively considering their health, turning illness to vitality, treatment to prevention and quick fixes to long term adjustments.

2014 Wellness Trends: The Age of Agelessness

Anti-aging products are no longer solely reserved for those women with a few laugh lines. 40% of millennial women are using them, preventatively, as well. Older consumers are reinventing themselves and embracing a youthful idealism, bucking the aging trend and redefining what it means to be 40, 50 and 60. Generations are co-mingling,

Not in the Health & Wellness Market? Think again!

As people around the world become more active in their pursuit of physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, this health creep is forcing every brand to recognize and deliver Health & Wellness marketing by providing comfort, wellness or both. The Health & Wellness market has become important to brands of all kinds, from hotel chains to beauty products.

To learn more about integrating Health & Wellness trends into your brand's marketing efforts, contact Women's Marketing, Inc. online, or call us at 203-256-4188. We also invite you to download our full Health & Wellness market research presentation.

Source: Women’s Marketing & Rodale’s Women’s Initiative 2014

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