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The Millennial Approach to Health & Wellness: 10 Amazing Facts

30 Sep 2015 Ann D'Adamo

in Industry News, Health & Wellness

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The Millennial generation is reaching a tipping point—at 84.6 million strong, they are now the largest living generation. And with $1.4 trillion in spending power, they’re just entering their prime consumption years. Because of this power, Millennials are on brands’ radar. The catch is that traditional marketing tends to fall flat with this audience, which has evolved so differently than either Gen X or the Boomers before them.

One thing that distinguishes this group is its concern for health and wellness, even at their relatively young age. Below, Women’s Marketing offers ten insights into the Millennial mindset when it comes to healthy living.

Fact #1

With the exception of family, they value health above all else. In a recent study, 79% said that family was important in their lives, followed by health and wellness at 53%, friends (39%), spirituality (31%), and work and career (27%).

Fact #2

Nearly half consider healthy eating a lifestyle choice as opposed to a goal-driven diet.

Fact #3

A full 84% exercise at least once per week, and nearly half feel that exercise is their passion.

Fact #4

They are earning less than older generations, but spend more on health and fitness.

Fact #5

They’re more likely to do yoga, meditate, and turn to natural therapies than older generations.

Fact #6

They believe health is the gateway to success—9 in 10 “pursue good health” so they can be successful in other areas of life.

Fact #7

Health and wellness apps are helping to fuel mobile growth and Millennials are fueling the demand for health-related apps.

Fact #8

Millennials share health info with their friends and followers. In fact, 35% share health news through social media and text, and 29% report sharing health info on websites and community boards, and through email.

Fact #9

Health goals are motivated by a desire to live long, healthy lives, to improve the quality of their lives, and to reduce stress and feel happy.

Fact #10

They get their health information from a variety of websites and sources. Top sources include general health sites, social media, magazine websites, fitness sites, and holistic wellness websites.

There is considerable growth potential in the health and wellness space across a number of market segments. From apparel to vitamin supplements, marketers have an opportunity to appeal to the Millennial consumer by crafting marketing messages that appeal to their core values of good health, family, and physical fitness. Women’s Marketing offers insight into this consumer and provides brands with unparalleled media opportunities. As a New York City digital agency with expertise in social, SEO, Amazon strategy, and SEM, we are here to help navigate the best ways to connect with these crucial consumers. Contact Women’s Marketing today to learn how we can help you to leverage your brand’s potential.

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Source: Yahoo Health Study, 2015

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