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5 Steps to Winning Micro-Moments | WMI

03 Sep 2015 Ann D'Adamo

in Integrated, Digital

consumer behaviorWhether they’re at home searching for the best lash-lengthening mascara, in a department store looking for the coolest boots for fall, or at the grocery store deciding which granola bar is the healthiest for their kids, women are using smartphones to make buying decisions. This provides brands with an opportunity to connect with consumers like never before and present their products at the moment of interest. How can your brand win in those “I want-to-know,” “I-want-to-go,” “I-want-to-do” micro-moments? Women’s Marketing offers five steps to successfully tapping into these I want-to-buy opportunities.

Consumer Purchasing Behavior: 5 Ways to Be There When it Counts

  1. Understand your consumer. Talk to her on social media, through surveys and focus groups to learn how she researches and makes purchase decisions.
  2. Be there when she needs you. Create a holistic media strategy that optimizes all channels including search, video, social, and print advertising.
  3. Deliver the right message. Do your research—look at the search terms and questions that consumers ask when searching for products like yours, then create ads and content that provides helpful answers and offer solutions.
  4. Simplify the purchasing process. Include “buy now” buttons, drive to your e-commerce site, or drive consumers to a local store. It’s key to offer multiple ways to arrive at the point of purchase.
  5. Measure every moment. While conversion is always the ultimate goal, marketers need to understand that the path-to-purchase is not linear. Advertisers need to measure results online, across devices, in apps, and even in stores, when measuring a campaign’s success.

Is your brand optimizing micro-moments? Let Women’s Marketing introduce you to the latest technologies that brands can use to reach female consumers in those I want-to-buy moments.


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