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The Powerful Influence of Latina Millennials | WMI

23 Nov 2015 Ann D'Adamo

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Women's Marketing - Multicultural Consumers

With buying power of more than $170 billion and growing, Latina Millennials may be the most coveted of all Hispanic market segments. She is an ambitious career woman, a dedicated mom, a savvy shopper, and, as researchers learned, she is highly influential among her peers. Although researchers found that Latinas are open to ads and content that reflects her self-image and lifestyle, she’s sensitive to how her culture is portrayed—marketers should be careful to avoid stereotypes especially as they relate to body types, skin color, and culture. Below, Women’s Marketing offers brands a blueprint for reaching this coveted consumer.

How Latina Millennials View Advertising

Researchers found that Millennial Latinas are highly receptive to digital advertising, native advertising, and branded content. So much so, that almost half said they trust these forms of advertising more than peer referrals. Native advertising is particularly influential to this demographic—72% of moms and 70% of younger Millennials revealed they are receptive to this content. Overall, Millennial Latinas are 13% more likely to consider branded content “influential” than the general U.S. population. Moreover, 94% of Latinas said they want to see greater representation of Latina women in lifestyle categories, particularly fashion, beauty, and food.

Her Digital Path-to-Purchase

While price is important, she won’t cut corners at the expense of quality, and looks to established brands over craft or artisanal products when shopping. Although she loves be the first to try new and trendy products, she needs reassurance that they are worth her time and money and looks for product recommendations before proceeding. Her mobile phone is a key resource in her path-to-purchase—a full 54% of Hispanic smartphone users use a mobile browser to visit shopping sites every month and she’s leading in the shift to mobile shopping; six in ten say they prefer to shop online. In fact, Hispanics are the largest U.S. group of mobile, ecommerce, and social media consumers in the 21st century, making them the new digital trailblazers.

She’s a Lifestyle Trendsetter

Fifty percent of Latinas consider themselves to be fashion and beauty influencers among their peers. In her personal time, she consumes lifestyle content on the web and in her favorite magazines and 44% share relevant news and products with her family and friends on her social networks. Latina women value community, and they view their social media activity as an extension of that. More than 8 in 10 Latina women surveyed said they use social media to keep in touch with family and friends, but they were also looking at social media as a way to connect with brands, receive coupons and discount offers, and gather information about products.

Millennial Latinas represent an important demographic for brands for a number of reasons; their scale and purchasing power, their influence among their peers, and their willingness to listen – and speak to – brands. Women’s Marketing offers marketers targeted opportunities across a variety of media to support your brand’s objectives. Contact us now to learn how we can help you build a media plan that builds upon the strength of your brand.

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