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Beyond 2016: The Future of Beauty | WMI

28 Dec 2015 Ann D'Adamo

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Beauty Beyond 2016 WMI

Everyone is talking about the hot beauty trends for 2016, but we’re looking a little farther into the future. Beauty industry analysts have identified four cultural shifts and economic factors that will impact, and potentially revolutionize, the industry beyond 2016. From high tech to homemade, Women’s Marketing offers a glimpse into the opportunities and challenges beauty marketers will face in the not-too-distant future.

Internet of Things

Imagine a mirror that can automatically assess your skin and hair and suggest products to remedy your daily beauty dilemmas. Or a scanner that senses the level of hydration in your skin and sends that information to a sensor that dispenses personalized moisturizing crème. The Internet of Things, a network of objects that collect and exchange data, and the consumer’s growing comfort and reliance on technology, will allow personal data to play a larger role in health and beauty management. In the coming decade, brands will need to guide consumers on this smart tech journey and offer innovative products with measurable results.

Water: The New Commodity

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population could be at risk of water shortages. In a future where water is a protected resource, conscious consumers will become increasingly frugal in its use. We’ve already seen an increase in water-saving beauty solutions in the form of wipes, dry shampoos, non-rinse body washes, and alternative toothpaste formats, but consumers are expressing interest in products like water-free cleansing products; interest is highest among those ages 16-24. Alternative water sources will also play a role in this new economy; plant waters, ocean waters, and harvested fog can offer intriguing solutions for brands. Finally, transparency about water usage will be something empowered consumers expect in the future.

Energy Boosting Ingredients

In the U.S., fatigue ranked second among top health concerns, 28% cited it as a major issue. Although this may appear to be a health-related issue, the desire for energizing products is creeping into skincare with energy claims in the beauty and personal care categories rising 12% globally in 2015. New product claims aim to “optimize cellular activity and support the reproduction of energy.” Brands are already developing formulations that improve the condition and longevity of hair by stimulating cellular energy. Analysts predict that energy claims will grow increasingly important in the future and suggest that brands invest in healthy living product ranges to appeal to the wellness-conscious customer.


Natural beauty is on the scene as a major trend with brands that are marketing beauty products. In the U.S., 57% of women are already avoiding unnecessary chemicals and ingredients by choosing natural products. That preference is now giving rise to “kitchen beauty” products that can be made by the consumer using items they may already have in their pantry, driven by women’s desire to feel control over their beauty products. This DIY approach doesn’t cut brands out of the equation, but it will reward brands that offer consumers the same intimacy and involvement in the creation process as homemade products. Use of artisanal processes, batch production, and minimal processing, or developing home crafting kits are some brand approaches on the horizon. Analysts also foresee beauty retailers emulating supermarkets, with aisles of ingredients in their raw and freeze-dried state available to consumers so they can whisk up personalized formulas and play with different fragrances, textures, and potency, all individualized to their needs

Although these concepts are future-focused, many are rooted in current shifts in consumer attitudes. Women’s Marketing combines our rich experience with visionary thinking, bringing the latest research and marketing trends together to create innovative, cutting-edge media strategies. Contact us today to learn how we can bring our forward thinking approach to your brand.

Source: Mintel, Trends 2025 Beauty and Personal Care

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